I just got my pizza and bread sticks from trailhead and it's honestly one of the best places I've ever ordered from. The people are very friendly, and the pizza was fresh, hot, and full of flavor. Their bread sticks, are out of this world delicious, and I just can't get enough. 5 out of 5 stars for me. Thank you trailhead for a great first experience, I will definitely be ordering again and again.

thumb Travis Fields
September 4, 2022

Great pizza and salad. Was not expecting a peppery taste when I ate the ranch tho. It was kinda nice. It was too bad that the toppings on the pizza all slide off when you take a bite.

thumb Kelly Foster
August 19, 2022

Let me start by saying this is my first review ever. Called to order ahead and was told they didn’t have mozzarella sticks or wings.. Then came in person and was somehow able to order mozz sticks. Young, rude employees. Ordered pizza for dine in and sat outside at one of their tables and waited. Never called our name or alerted us that our food was done. Waited right outside at one of their tables for an hour, patiently and when we finally went in it had been done 30 mins prior. This was after ordering $100 worth of food. They knew we were sitting there but were too busy dancing to come out and tell us our food was done. They were rude and sarcastic. Pizza was thing and greasy. Will never return.

thumb Michele Ogniewski
August 11, 2022

Great service and the pizza was delicious!

thumb V R
July 22, 2022

Side note...i never review anything. If I could give a zero I would. The owner is absolutely the worst. His employees amazing!!!!! We ordered 9 pizzas. 2 of the pizzas had hardly any cheese. The owner agreed to remake one but told me on the was the best he could do. If you can't handle an online order of 9 pizza don't allow us to order on line. The owner of this business is absolutely the worst. I will never buy a pizza or anything from this owner ever again. Side night...his employees are amazing. The owner refused to talk to me...he sent one of the employees to give me my pizza.This owner does not care about customers! I am all about small business until you do not stand behind your own product. His employees on the other hand are amazing! I truly appreciate everything one of them. Do not waste your time on this pizza.

thumb Kristin Stoeppelwerth
July 10, 2022

love this place, good food and staff is amazing! Love to come listen to music or even just to hangout with some friends! All severs and kitchen staff are so friendly. Definitely recommend if you are at one of the local campgrounds.

thumb irie hayduk
June 8, 2022

Not sure why I keep giving this place a try other than the fact that it’s on my way home! I guess is acceptable for your kitchen staff to sneeze in their hands because it’s your little brother? 🤮🤑🤢

thumb What happen to customer service
June 4, 2022

Enjoyed stopping by and seeing the newly updated interior. The pizza 🍕 was great and the garlicky caesar salad with chicken was delicious. Definitely will be back to try more pizza flavors and I look forward to hearing live music 🎵🎶 hear in the future.

thumb Dave Martin
June 3, 2022

Service is good, food was good. The live band made a good atmosphere.

thumb Danielle Poore
May 11, 2022

Placed an order for delivery and the estimated wait time was 2 hours. Already a bad start. It’s since been 3 hours and have been told several times the driver is on his way, but that his phone died and he got lost. It doesn’t take an extra hour and a half to figure that out. He had time to drive back to the store, charge his phone, and maybe take a nap. Still no pizza. Incredibly frustrating but at least I might have gotten refunded (have not received any actual notification for the refund).

thumb Marko Jovanovic
August 29, 2021